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Asian Drama Recommendation: Girl From Nowhere

The rise of different Asian dramas is taking us by storm. From Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and now Lakorn, the dramas from different Asian countries all leaves an impact to its viewers.

Most viewers fell in love with Lakorn shows from the films, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Bad Genius and the BL drama, 2Gether. I got interested in watching this Lakorn series recommended by Netflix – Girl From Nowhere. The series didn’t disappoint at all!

Girl From Nowhere (Series) - TV Tropes
Poster from Netflix

The Plot

Girl From Nowhere is a series that will introduce us to Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul). It is a 13 part series that focuses on and exposes the different misdeeds and lies of teachers and students in Thailand. Every episode features a different story, which makes the viewers hooked to watch the succeeding episodes.

Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno. / Photo from Netflix

The first episode of the series shows us how teenage pregnancy and sexual mistreatment are prevalent in Thailand. It can be clearly shown that most schools in Thailand are not yet open to discussing sex education in the classrooms; perverted teachers are abusing female students. The strong first episode will make the viewers check on what’s next, exposing different issues after issues.

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Photo from Netflix

The viewers will be introduced to unusual stories of life in the series. Following the first episode, it’ll give its viewers stories about a social climber student, a teacher who went insane, a student who went insane, and many more. From there, Nanno will enter their classes to either help them or teach them a lesson.

The Characters

Chicha Amatayakul is the sole lead in this series. Playing the role of Nanno, Chicha gives Nanno life viewers couldn’t hate. What makes Nanno’s character unique is her ability to foresee what the students and teachers are hiding. There, Nanno is joined by the viewers to uncover the different issues the schools, teachers, and students were hiding.

Photo from Netflix

Aside from Nanno, Naerunchara Lertprasert, who portrayed Mei from Episode 1, will make the viewers pity her due to her condition. Ekawat Niratvorapanya, who portrayed TK from Episode 8, also caught my eye with his undeniably lovely chemistry with Nanno.

Girl from Nowhere | Netflix Official Site
Nanno and TK | Photo from Netflix

Claudia Chakrabandhu, who played Teacher Aum in Episode 10, surprised me the most due to her calm-front character, giving the viewers a shocking ending. Characters from this series were portrayed excellently. The different Thai actors and actresses who appeared in different episodes can tell an amazing story.

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The Learning(s)

Every episode will give its viewers different lessons and issues that’ll be open for discussions. Some issues featured in the series are still visible in different schools all over the world. It’ll make you, as a viewer, think if you’ve encountered issues presented once or you’ve just turned a blind eye on them.

Photo from Netflix

As a human being, it’ll also open your perspective on the issues we face locally and globally. Especially when dealing with education. This series gives the viewers a fascinating overview of the different types of people we’ll encounter every day.

What makes it more surprising is that being educated doesn’t guarantee you being a nice person.

This, shown by the different characters per episode. It gives us learning perspectives for different age groups. For example, we’ll realize how important sex education is to avoid unwanted pregnancies for junior high students. Another is that not all we consider friends will actually help us when we need them, so it is important to choose our friends wisely.

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Photo from Netflix

The series also features the following themes such as love, career, and self-love that are suitable for teens and adult viewers.

Overall Thoughts

For me, Girl From Nowhere is one series that will give its viewers a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It will introduce to its viewers’ different problems that most students or educators faced during their stay in school. I’m not saying that going to school is bad, but there are some instances and events that had happened in out schools that shaped who we are today.

Every episode tackles different issues, and I find it very timely how the producers could include them and present them thoroughly. I super love how Nanno portrays her character as someone the viewers can’t hate and completely love because of her special ability.

Is it worth watching? Absolutely! You’ll get to be enlightened and reflect upon yourself that you’ll feel that at least one episode is relatable in real life, even for once.

Luckily, the second season is currently in the works, and I can’t wait to meet Nanno again~!

Watch Girl from Nowhere on Netflix.

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