‘Girl From Nowhere’ begins production for Season 2!

Can’t get enough of Nanno? She’ll greet you in your TV screens soon!

Netflix uploaded photo teasers of Chicha Amatayakul who portrayed the role of Nanno in the popular series, Girl from Nowhere.

The first season of this Thai series takes us on a journey with Nanno who transfers from different schools and exposes the different lies and misdeeds of the students and faculties from the schools. Inspired by true events, the upcoming season still revolves on Nanno, who’ll continue on visiting different schools and exposing the faculty and its students.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, you’ll think that it is a typical high school centered series. However, if you are currently waiting for the second season, you’ll know what’s up on Nanno’s sleeves.

That “See you soon” doesn’t seem so chilly right?

To make the long wait exciting, Netflix Thailand also teased us in their Twitter account giving us a creepy Nanno vibes:

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Chicha Amatayakul also expressed how grateful she is for the recognition she received from Netflix. She states: “I’m grateful for all the support I’ve been receiving since the show landed on Netflix. It’s been a pleasure to present this unique series to fans around the world. Thank you for bringing Nanno back to life. I won’t let you down!”

Guess Nanno is excited to meet us again! Are you ready to hear her laugh? Share with us your thoughts!

Girl from Nowhere Season 1 is available on Netflix.

Photos are from Netflix.

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