The thought of our favorite male K-Pop idols getting married can be devastating for some. But let’s be realistic here; just like us, they are humans and in need of some affection too.

Generally speaking, the words dating or married seem to be taboo topics when it comes to the K-Pop world. With millions of fans around the world, these idols all debuted on stage without revealing their private lives to the public. Through this, fans generally assume that they are single and, who knows, might be ready to mingle. 

Throughout the years, some idols have started to break the norm, becoming braver than ever to prove that love conquers all. 

We’re sharing in this list some of the proud married male idols who are active in the industry:

BIGBANG’s Taeyang

Taeyang / Photo from @__youngbae__

Taeyang from BIGBANG’s love story is a crowd favorite. His romance sparked with his then-girlfriend and now-wife, actress Min Hyo-rin, who appeared in his music video, Eyes, Nose, Lips. The couple married in 2018 and share a son who was born in 2021. 

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EXO’s Chen

Chen / Photo from @weareone.exo

Chen from EXO received mixed reactions from his fans when news broke that he was getting married before his military enlistment. He married his non-celebrity wife in a private ceremony in January 2020. It was announced that before their marriage, his then-fiancee was pregnant with their first child.

Now, the married couple are proud parents of two children: a son and a daughter.

iKON’s Bobby

Bobby / Photo from @withikonic

Bobby’s marriage announcement took everyone by surprise in August 2021. iKONICs received the news well, with all wishing Bobby and his growing family the best in their lives ahead. Bobby and his wife welcomed a son a month after their marriage in September 2021.

2PM’s Chansung

Chansung / Photo from @hwangchan222

December 2021 is a happy month for HOTTEST, as Chansung announced his then-upcoming marriage. He penned a heartwarming letter to his fans, saying that he will also leave JYP Entertainment but will remain a member of 2 PM. The couple wed in early 2022 and welcomed a daughter in July of the same year. 

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TVXQ’s Changmin

Changmin / Photo from @changmin88

Changmin announced in 2020 that he was supposed to get married to his then-fiancee. However, due to COVID-19, the couple postponed their wedding to October 2020. The happy couple welcomed their first son in October 2022, two years after marriage. 

Super Junior’s Sungmin

Sungmin / Photo from @_liustudio_

If we recall correctly, Sungmin from Super Junior is the first second-generation idol to announce his marriage publicly. In September 2014, the male idol revealed that he was dating actress Kim Sa-eun, and their marriage followed in December of the same year. 

We know the idea of our idols marrying can be difficult and heartbreaking for some. However, let us all remember that they deserve to love and be loved. Let’s all support them in whatever decisions they make; after all, we’ve been rooting for them since day one! 

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