10 Songs of Song Ji Eun which are totally pleasing to the ears

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Song Ji Eun have come this far showcasing her talents both in acting and singing. Aside from her group and solo songs, she also participated in numerous drama OSTs and serenades the listeners with her soothing and sweet voice.

Moreover, Song Ji Eun’s singing career has wonderfully bloom as she released different relatable and impactful songs and also been collaborating with rappers and other artists to produce a masterpiece.

Surely, you have already heard one of her sublime songs that brought so much emotions. Now, let us look back and listen to her songs as listed below are some of her drama OSTs and solo songs that would put us into comfort:

5 Drama OSTs

Same ft. Sung Hoon – My Secret Romance OST

It’s Cold – Take Care Of Us Captain OST

Person Who I Miss – Shine Or Go Crazy OST

A Dazzling Day – I Wanna Hear Your Song OST

If Only I Could Go To You – God’s Gift 14 Days OST

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5 Powerful Songs

Tell Me (Eng Version)

I Wanna Fall In Love

Don’t Look At Me Like That

False Hope

Going Crazy ft. Bang Yongguk

Song Ji Eun is a gem!

In line with her 4 Seasons Project, she will serenade us on her upcoming global online concert event, UNTACT LIVE: BLOOM on November 7 at 7PM KST.

What is your favorite song of Song Ji Eun? Share it with us!

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