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ICYMI: EXO’s Sehun was selected as the newest brand endorser for SOME BY MI

EXO Sehun has been chosen as the newest brand endorser for a skincare brand, as announced on the 12th of October.

SOME BY MI is known for their miracle flagship products, they gained huge recognition in Southeast Asian Market such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan.

The brand managed their popularity and had a chance to enter the global market successfully.

SOME BY MI releases an official statement why they chose EXO Sehun for their brand,

“Sehun has a fastidious yet fetching aura, it was suitable to our brand aspirations, that’s why we chose him as our newest model.”

In the photo, Sehun delineates the fervently aura yet comfortable naturalist ambience.

Meanwhile, the brand is holding a photo card and background screen presentation event whereas to celebrates and have a remarkable memories with the current endorser.

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SOME BY MI was located in local stores such as Olive Young and Lalavla, and captivating the attention of online consumers including Watsons and Guydon and many overseas countries.

For more updates, check out the photos and event details through SOME BY MI official website and SNS accounts.

Watch the greeting video from EXO Sehun here:

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