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‘New Journey to the West 8’ Releases their Official Poster + Characters revealed!

The roles are now revealed!

Last week, the cast of New Journey to the West surprised everyone with their unexpected live. The fans already had a sneak peek of the roles as well as the airing date! The upcoming season is back to Korean history with their Nolbu and Heungbu concept.

Basing from the story of two brothers, Nolbu and Heungbu, a popular bedtime stories in South Korea, Cho Kyu Hyun takes the role of Nolbu’s wife, while P.O is Nolbu. Mino on the other hand is the hardworking Heungbu while Kang Ho Dong’s role is yet to be determined. Eun Ji Won will be the sparrow and Lee So Geun will be the gourd.

The upcoming season was only filmed in Korea unlike their previous episodes that was filmed overseas due to COVID-19.

Here are the members inviting you to join them this October 9 for their premiere episode!

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