“Hello World”: A Simple Story That Will Melt Your Heart

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“People who challenge themselves to the impossible while pushing to the end without giving up impress me.” – Ruri Ichigyo

“Hello World” tells the story of a man named Naomi Katagaki who travelled back in time to re-write his future. He went back in time to meet up with his younger and indecisive self, to save his to-be girlfriend Ruri Ichigyo. Ruri Ichigyo was unfortunately strucked by a lightning and was comatose. He went to such extreme lengths just to see Ruri smile again.

The story is really simple yet impactful. It’s about love and the things a person in love would do for the one they dearly love. Two introverts finding a common ground, their love for books. And how something that seems so simple can bloom into something so beautiful.

Moreover, the story is set in Kyoto, Japan where the government allowed an infinite data storage machine called ALLTALE that is created to record and preserve the city’s architectural infrastructure along with it’s culture through their real time recording drones. A high end technology meant to serve as a record of history.

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My Thoughts:

I am not really an anime expert, but the concept of the story intrigued me. Initially I thought it was all about time travel. A sci-fi story that will have a lot of action scenes. But its not, it only have one major fight scene and the rest of the story focuses on a boy named Naomi Katagaki.

His realization that pasts aren’t meant to be changed, and for finally deciding to stand for what is right is the turning point for me. With minimal character introduction and conflicts, this is a very light story to watch.

The OST took me by surprise, specially the song entitled “Lost Game”. There are moments when my heart is breaking and tears are falling, but in the end, I was happy and smiling. I watched it without any expectations and came out extremely glad that I took the time watching it. It might not be perfect, but it’s still beautiful, nonetheless.

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In the end, I finally understood what this caption meant.

“The software and hardware needed to be in sync. Your mind is finally synced with your body.”

If you are looking for something light to watch, this one is for you. It is now available on Netflix!

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