Gongchan of B1A4’s webdrama ‘Dear My Name’ to be released on Playlist Global’s YouTube Channel!

International fans, here’s a good news for us! PlayList Global officially released the teaser for a new webdrama entitled, Dear My Name.

Last October, the webdrama was previously released on Naver TV, V App, and Playlist YouTube Channel. Now, you can watch Dear My Name freely and more easier through PlayList Global YouTube Channel and its official Facebook page with English subtitles!

Watch the teaser here: 

The web drama stars B1A4’s Gongchan and Song Yoojung. Dear My Name is a story about two people who knew their fate through the name that was engraved to their body.

Meet the main casts:

Gongchan is the youngest member of B1A4, debuted in 2011, known of his handsome visuals and charming voice. He showed his various acting skills in few projects, Delicious Love (2015, webdrama), I Need Love (2017, dating simulation game), Travel Through Romance Season 1.5 (2019, webdrama). He is also currently filming a 2020 movie, “Youngsoo“, which will be his big screen debut.

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Song Yoojung, is a model and a rookie actress appeared in School 2017 and IKON’s Goodbye Road music video.

You can watch Dear My Name every Saturday/Sunday at 7pm KST!

Written by: Chan Elipunt

Edited By: Jess Unnie (Annyeong Oppa)

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