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Netflix’s ‘My Holo Love’: An Honest Review

If you are into Sci-Fi-slash-Romance type of K-drama, this one is for you. <3

‘My Holo Love’ stars Yoon Hyun-min and Go Sung-hee. It tells the story of Han So-yeon (Go Sung-hee) who suffers from face blindness which cause her to have a reclusive life. Things will change when she starts using ‘Holo’, an AI program that was built to accompany people in their everyday life. It was designed by Go Nan-do (Yoon Hyun-min).

The series has 12 episodes only which was released last February 7, 2020 on Netflix. Aside from Go Sung-hee and Yoon Hyun-min, the series also stars 2PM’s Hwang Chan-sung, Choi Yeo-jin, Lee Jung-eun, Nam Myung-ryul, etc.


When I watched the first two-episodes, I got curious and hooked as well as I am expecting something different from this drama. As an avid K-drama fan, I’ve seen a lot of Sci-Fi dramas with different plots. Yes, this drama is good and interesting to watch but it is very predictable. You can easily guess how the story will end by watching a few episodes.

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This drama will remind you of ‘Absolute Boyfriend’, I’m Not A Robot, Are You Human? and ‘The Beauty Inside’. For me, it’s not a big deal since I took it in a positive way. It’s like I am watching 5 K-dramas in one screen. I personally think that they took an inspiration from the mentioned K-dramas and come up with this concept—but with a twist! So, it’s still recommendable.

And bes, it has only 12 episodes. You might want to consider this in case you are waiting for your on-going K-drama’s next episode.

You can stream ‘My Holo Love’ on Netflix. Share us your thoughts about this drama by leaving a comment below or you can tag/mention us on your posts.

Happy watching!

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