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Brandnew Music’s Lee Eunsang released his first solo single album, Beautiful Scar on August 31 and held a spectacular solo debut ceremony.

Lee Eunsang’s first single album “Beautiful Scar,” which started his return as an artist who shines on his own, shows a beautiful opportunity to mature, even if the experience is painful.

In particular, the title track of the same name, “Beautiful Scar,” which showed perfect harmony with Park Woojin of AB6IX, is a R&B hip-hop song that maximized his charm, and it was produced by talented producers Nomad, OUOW, and BNM’s CEO Rhymer.

On top of that, the tracks, includes “Mirage,” a unique urban R&B track featuring his delicate and sweet vocals.

“I Want to Sing,” a song that captures his true feelings in an acoustic melody is a narrative to express his new beginning.

Meanwhile, Lee Eunsang released an introduction and a message he would like to convey to fans in the future.

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Watch Beautiful Scar music video here:

Congratulations on your solo debut, Eunsang!

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