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H&D to comeback with a special album, “Umbrella”

Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon will officially be coming back this month with a special album after the release of Soulmate in April.

Fans got curious on the surprise photo which was uploaded on POCKETDOLZ’s official SNS account last September 3.

Photo from POCKETDOLZ Official Twitter (@POCKETDOLZ)

As shared, the duo will be back with Dohyon’s own songs after five months this time.

Through Umbrella, they will be showcasing their different charms and colors and were said to give special gifts to their fans in form of songs.

The video of them preparing for recording raised their fans’ expectations for the upcoming album.

People are now waiting on how they will be able to spice up the music scene with their solid visuals and skills on this comeback.

Aside from the special album, the duo is also busy preparing with their debut as part of the upcoming boy group, MBK.

H&D’s special album, Umbrella, which is in the midst of preparation, will be released on September 23.

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