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5 reasons why you must watch ‘Train To Busan 2: Peninsula’

[SPOILERS AHEAD! Proceed at your own risk]

Train To Busan: Peninsula is a continuation of the victorious 2016 film ‘Train To Busan’, this movie is one of the most-anticipated korean film of all time.

But the long wait is finally over, as they released a new season last month, and they are getting more attention from the public through local and international.

The story talks about a marine captain (Kang Dong Won) who wants to escape Korean Peninsula with her elder sister and his nephew, because Korea is being swept by the zombie outbreak all over the cities and which may threatens the safety of the local people.

Hence, here are five reasons why you should watch Train To Busan 2: Peninsula:

1. You will appreciate your parent’s pure love even more

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When you watch this film you may realized right away, the importance of having a good and loving parents, because this film shows what parents can do and sacrifice for the sake of their child’s life.

This might sound perculiar for some of you in the first place but honestly after watching this film, you will suddenly think that there are such parents who can really do everything for their child, even though it could cause their death.

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There was a scene that broke my heart into pieces for a while, where Min-Jung (Lee Jung Hyun) traps herself inside the truck and pressing the horn repeatedly and loudly, to help and save her kids for them to escape the peninsula.

2. Friendship requires sacrifices

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After I watched this movie I realized that the real meaning of a strong friendship is not just about happiness nor having a good memory, but what you can do for your dear friend.

Kudos to the main actor showed what truly friendship means, the mere fact that he bravely went where his friend is, and killed so many soldiers and zombies in order to save Chul-Min (Kim Do Yoon)

But his friend saved him instead because someone wanted to shoot him, the scene made you realized that friendship really requires sacrifices most of the time.

3. Being greedy for money is not a good thing

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There’s so many scenes where your blood boils over Captain Seo (Gu Gyo Hwan) and Sergeant Hwang (Kim Min Jae), when they secretly hatch a plan to get themselves out of the peninsula with the money that they took.

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That feeling they would rather flee to get the money away than help each other to survive and get away from the peninsula.

But of course evil deeds do not win until the end, lesson learn be contented for what you have because you may lose those things in an instant.

4. Superb sound effect

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Before watching this film, make sure you have someone to hug to, because you will surely scream with loudly voice, and you will be lifted at the extreme intensity of the scenes.

It is also frightening and more disturbing because everything looks more real, gruesome and debilitating than the other zombie film.

In the scene, where the main actors quickly escape the compound with the truck, however numerous unit 631 soldiers has been chasing them.

But Jung-seok deliberately shoots and breaks through the glass tunnel where the hordes of zombies were inside, causing Hwang and his fellow driver to be quickly attacked in the car by the terrifying zombies.

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5. Because it has Lee Re

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While watching this film Joon-Yi (Lee Re) will definitely caught your attention during the driving scene, I’m totally amazed with her driving skills such a good and promising actress.

She portrayed her character really well, from the scene where she tried to get away from the zombies around them.

And also from the ending scene where she showed the women had to be strong-minded and determined at that time.

In advance, we would like to congratulate all the cast for the successful movie, you deserve all the attention you’ve got because this is highly recommended film.

Train To Busan 2: Peninsula‘ started to premiere in SM drive-in cinemas from July 31, August 1, 2, 8, and 9 at the SM Pampanga Ampitheather.

Watch the trailer here:

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