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“Peninsula” topped the box office on the first day of its release since the COVID-19 outbreak

Photo source: Naver

Marking as the box office sensation, the highly-anticipated sequel of Train to Busan titled Peninsula attracted 352,930 moviegoers on the first day of its release!

Korean Film Council shared their tally on the morning of July 16 that Peninsula topped the box office with 352,930 viewers on its first day.

It sets the record having the highest numbers of opening moviegoers among any other films since the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea.

In an interview with producer Lee Dong Ha about the new set record in this pandemic, he commented, “Director Yeon Sang Ho and I talked about this meaningful achievement.”

“We released the movie during a difficult time and we are now keeping an eye on how does it last,” he added.

Photo source: Naver

Peninsula paved the big screen as it was premiered on July 15 in the theaters and sold in 185 countries around the world.

The said film takes place four years after the zombie outbreak in Train To Busan film, which attracted over 10 million viewers around the world.

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It revolves around the final struggles of the survivors and how they will survive this zombie outbreak.

Moreover, Peninsula was officially invited to the 53rd Cannes International Film Festival following the Cannes International Film Festival in 2020.

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