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Train to Busan 2: “Peninsula” will release in the Philippines this July


Pioneer Films announced on May 30 that Peninsula, the sequel of Korean-hit zombie film Train to Busan, will premiere in the Philippine cinemas this coming July.

There’s no exact given date for the release of the said film but it will surely be around July.

Moreover, since some part of the country will be under modified general community quarantine this June 1, cinemas are not still allowed to operate.

Stay tune for more updates, bes!

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Peninsula, the South Korean follow up film of 2016 hit movie Train to Busan, released official trailer and photo teasers.

This highly-anticipated film takes place four years after the zombie outbreak in Train To Busan film.

It revolves around the final struggles of the survivors and how will they survive this zombie outbreak.

The two official posters show the day and night views of the film.

It gives a mystery-thriller vibe as there are still zombies roaming around the area.

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Photo Credits: Naver
Photo Credit: Naver

In an interview of Screen Daily to Korean director Yeon Sangho, he doesn’t think that Peninsula is an official sequel to his first zombie film Train to Busan.

The movie may depict the after effect of the film Train to Busan, but it will not continue the story that makes it look like an independent film.

It also has new characters to begin with; Gang Dongwon will lead the film as a military veteran named Jungseok, who returns to zombie-infested South Korea.

Gang Dong-won as Jung Seok.
Photo Credits: Screen Daily

Together with the lead cast are Lee Junghyun, Kwon Haehyo, Kim Minjae, Koo Yeonsoon, Doyoon Kim, Yre, and Ye-won Lee.

Director Yeon also shared, “Government authority has been decimated after the zombie outbreak in Korea, and there is nothing left except the geographical traits of the location– which is why the film is called Peninsula.”

Photo Credits: Screen Daily

As to the film, the scale of Peninsula cannot compare to Train to Busan for it is a high-concept movie shot in narrow spaces.

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However, Peninsula has a much wider scope of movement that can be seen in the official trailer.

The trailer shows different vibe and sent chills to the viewers living an exciting and good impression. On the other hand, the set depicts dark aura and the zombies seem more scary to look at.

It also envelopes more on an action mystery film as the protagonist tried to get rid of the zombies, knowing that he is a military veteran holding up in this mission.

Furthermore, Bando opens a global SNS account for fans around the world while waiting for the movie.

This account will help deliver the news about the film and will able to communicate with the fans.

Peninsula will be released this summer with no specific date due to the concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch Peninsula’s official trailer below:

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