Fall in Love with the Chinese Drama “Only for Love”

Are you looking for something light, and fun, that will make your heart flutter? Then this is the drama that you’re looking for.


The series “Only for Love” comes from the Chinese novel called “Accidental Love” by Qiao Yao. It tells the story of Zheng Shu Yi (played by Bai Lu), a relentless journalist for China’s leading financial magazine called Financial Introduce. She is determined to write the cover story for their magazine. To be able to do that she needed to land an interview with the elusive and yet most talked-about young CEO named, Shi Yan. Shi Yan is a businessman who makes a series of investments for a promising startup company.

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Due to a misunderstanding Shu Yi and Shi Yan’s paths crossed once again and as if destiny had it planned, with every encounter they had something else began to bloom. Now the question left to be asked is would be enough to create something as beautiful as love.

If that is not enough to convince you, let me give you some more.

Dylan Wang


If you know him and love him, the name itself is enough reason for you to check this drama out. Dylan Wang had that inescapable charm that will always end up with you smiling with just a mere sight of him. He can effortlessly make your heart flutter and scream with happiness as you find yourself slowly falling in love with him. His role does not particularly need in-depth acting as the story itself was intended to be fun and light with a touch of romance. With that being said, I guarantee that you will find him adorable in so many ways, including those times when he’s supposed to irritate you.

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Bai Lu


This is the second drama of hers that I have watched and enjoyed. She can be fierce and ready to conquer the world at one moment and then easily switch to this light and bubbly girl who is trying to charm a stone-cold man. I love the chemistry that she and Dylan have. You gotta admit that we are fond of those love-hate relationships. And seeing her trying the art of seduction and ‘failing’ for the most part was just hilarious. With 18 episodes in, there were no dull moments for me, instead, I was left smiling and ‘sobrang kinikilig’. 

The Side Characters

There are several side stories in this drama. I was actually surprised that I wanted to know how those side stories would end as well. Despite having those side stories, rest assured that the main plot was still there. One thing I noticed though was how all of them have the same love-hate relationships. It may be something others won’t appreciate, but for what it’s worth, it kept me entertained. 

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My Thoughts

“Only for Love” is the kind of drama whose sole purpose is to keep you entertained. It is not made to change the world or leave a strong impact to change your life. Not guaranteed to leave a lasting memory so strong that would make you find it hard to find the next drama to watch. 

For me, it was not made for that. This slow-burn series may not be everyone’s cup of tea but let me share why it became mine.

I dive into this drama after seeing a clip of Dylan Wang. And I have no regrets about spending time watching this. Yes, there are moments when it feels like you just don’t get it, especially those business scenes that don’t really leave a strong impact at all to support Dylan’s role as a sought-after CEO. I guess I was looking for something more along the lines of Park Seojoon’s role in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” or Ahn Hyoseop’s role in “Business Proposal” where you can feel their power and money that support the arrogance that the main male lead posses. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that.

Although Dylan’s role was not portrayed as such, I still enjoyed the he-falls-first-and-hard concept. I even find his tantrums when jealousy hits him funny. To add to that, I can’t help but laugh at each epic seduction attempt of Bai Lu, which of course always fails. 

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Another thing that made me love this series was the way, Dylan’s character allowed Bai Lu’s character to grow. Not the typical I am the man so I should be the great one between us kind of thing. I love how he supports Bai Lu in fulfilling her dreams which is why both of them are taking a long time to admit what they truly feel for each other. 

Despite all this, it is still something I want to watch not only because of the green flag Dylan Wang but because of how each episode makes me feel by the end of it. The feelings that they leave me with each episode. I remember the kilig moments and especially the happiness that I felt while watching it because of how it made me laugh, making it the sweet escape I was looking for.

All in all, it serves its purpose by keeping me entertained so that my reality doesn’t feel as overwhelming as it should be.

So if you’re a fan of Dylan Wang, enjoys slow-burn series, and looking for something light and funny to watch with some kilig moments, then this one is for you.

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