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Kim So Hyun confirms to take lead role in upcoming historical drama, “The River where the Moon Rises”

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Kim So Hyun confirmed on October 5 that she will be taking the lead role in upcoming historical drama, The River where the Moon Rises, which was formerly titled Cut to the Hearts.

It is based on a Korean tale about Princess Pyeonggang aka Yeom Ga Jin, plays by Kim So Hyun, who married a hunchbacked commoner named On Dal (no confirmed actor to take yet).

She is a determined princess who wants to become the first woman to run Goguryeo; however, she will later get emotionally confused upon meeting On Dal.

As said, the Sageuk drama will be focusing on the love story of the two leads.

It will be directed by PD Yoon Sang Ho and is written by Han Ji Hoon.

Meanwhile, it is the same Korean drama which actor Kang Ha Neul recently announced to be playing the supporting role, father of the leading man.

It was said that his character will make him transform as a “national general” and will be called General On Hyup.

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Moreover, Kim So Hyun is a popular and talented South Korean actress who have been in the industry since she was young.

She is well-known for her notable role in The Tale of Nokdu, Love Alarm, Radio Romance, Ruler: Master of the Mask, Let’s Fight Ghost, School 2015, and many more.

The River where the Moon Rises is set to premiere this 2021.

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