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[BREAKING] “Love Alarm Season 2” is confirmed!

The long wait is over. Love Alarm 2 is finally coming!

On October 29, the three main casts of Love Alarm, Song Kang played as Hwang Sun-oh, Kim Sohyun as Kim Jojo, and Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-yeong, posted a picture on their personal Instagram accounts telling the fans that they will have a surprise announcement.

Early in the morning of October 30, Netflix posted a short video of the main casts confirming the arrival of Love Alarm Season 2 on their facebook page.

Love Alarm 2 is the sequel of Netflix’s 2019 Korean-hit drama Love Alarm based on the webtoon written by Chon Kye-young.

It is about a dating app called Love Alarm and if turned on, it allows users to know who within a 10 meter radius has romantic feelings for them. You cannot lie and it is pure because the app is synced with the user’s heart. The drama also unfolds the lives of its user. It has 8 episodes and a cliffhanger ending that made the fans asking for more interaction of the lead casts.

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Love Alarm Season 2 will be about the Love Alarm app in action. The app will now be able to tell who will fall in love with each other, predicting how feelings will grow between two people.

You can watch the trailer announcement here:

Kaya mga bes, aren’t you excited? Love Alarm 2 is real!

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