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Korean drama recommendation: “Tunnel”

Are you fond of suspense mystery-thriller dramas that involve time travelling?

Well, if you are up to that kind of twists, I highly recommend Tunnel starring Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoon Hyun Min, and Lee Yoo Young!

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Tunnel has 16-worth-to-watch episodes that tells the story of a detective who desperately tries to catch a serial killer and goes to a tunnel where it’s 30 years into the future.

He teams up with a detective and a professor of criminal psychology in that time period to catch the culprit who still resumes the killings that began 30 years ago.

10/10: What do I love about this drama

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Tunnel is definitely a wholesome drama if I would describe it in one word!

I really thought that Tunnel is just like the typical dramas who have serial killers and only focuses in solving crimes, but that thought abruptly changed when I finally watch it.

I already expected the thrilling vibe in which I will get excited in every crime scene and at the same time frustrated in analyzing who the real culprit would be.

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But Tunnel gave me more than what I’ve expected! In every excitement, there is also sadness. I even shed tears in every episode about the past (30 years ago).

If it’s your cup of tea, then you really need to watch Tunnel and your time won’t be wasted!


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Daebak! It deserves the recognition!

As what I have said, Tunnel gives me an amazing spin-off of the story. No wonder why this drama receives positive and high-praise feedback.

I also tend to finish the drama because I am also curious about the ending. I have many questions and some are: Can he still go back to the past? How about his family? And how about the people he met in the present time? What would be the ending of this drama?

Aside from that, unlike from other mystery dramas, Tunnel already pointed out who the culprit is and it’s up to the main leads on how would they find it out.

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Isn’t it frustrating yet exciting to watch the real culprit fooling the main leads? And that you wanted to enter the screen (in the story) and tell them about the real identity of the killer.

The curiosity weld my emotions up and that makes me love this drama. So much appreciation for this masterpiece.


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A big yay for the cinematography! We can easily distinguish the past and the present time.

The motion and angles of the camera are well-positioned that shows the sides of the characters and their point of view.


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Another set of amazing casts!

The main trio Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoon Hyun Min, and Lee Yoo Young played their characters effectively!

I can’t also help but stare at their faces every close up shot because of their undeniable visuals. Aside from them, other casts also did a great portrayal and lives up the characteristics of their characters.

In conclusion, Tunnel has great actors and actresses who give justice to the story.

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Lessons from the story

  • Your life can’t change just because you want it to
  • Live your life according to your will and without regrets
  • You should learn to depend on others sometimes
  • Be true to yourself and admit that you are not okay
  • You can’t always keep everything to yourself, you need to lessen the pain by expressing it
  • Learn to appreciate the people around you especially those who really care for you
  • Everything will be on its right places.

Watch the trailer below:

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