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‘Touch Your Heart’ star Yoo In Na and crew get a Food cart surprise from IU

After surprising a fan on visiting their graduation ceremony, IU moved from being a Singer to a supportive best friend.

On February 14, Yoo In Na’s manager posted on his personal Instagram to share what the Singer-Actress gave to the cast and crew of the tvN’s ‘Touch Your Heart’


“IU noona prepared something for the whole film crew. From chicken soup, galbi-jjim, bulgogi, and a bunch of fruits. I ate until I was full. #IU #YooInNa #IUYooInNa #TouchYourHeart”

Netizens who saw the said post was once again impressed on how IU is kind and supportive when it comes to her good friends.

IU and Yoo In Na were best friends for a certain period of time now despite some comments on the difference between their age. They have been supporting each other’s projects with their respective careers and they even worked together for a commercial project last year.

We look forward to your possible projects together in the near future, mga unnies!

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Gif from Tumblr.

Pabili nga po ng isang supportive friend like IU and pretty friend like In Na please!

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