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LOOK: Hanbin drops another Demo on his SoundClound account

Hanbin drops another Demo on his SoundCloud account in the evening of May 13, and his fans are now over the moon!

Listen to DEMO.3 by 131 on #SoundCloud below:

As a recap, it’s been five months since Hanbin drop his first ever Demo.1 on his SoundCloud.

Prior to the release of the latest Demo, an Instagram account under 131_vibe posted a bandaid photo with a roman numeral “X III”.

With this, most of Hanbin fans anticipate that he might be dropping something on the 13th day of May. Note that there is no official released that the certain account is really owned by him.

Meanwhile, Hanbin participated again in a volunteer works to a childcare facility. He donated another 1,000 facemasks and photobooks to Angels’ Haven for Children.

Indeed a surprise update from one and only Kim Hanbin.

Have you listened to the latest Demo.3, bes?

Source: SoundCloud by 131

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