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Ahn Bo Hyun in talks to appear in the new MBC drama ‘Kairos’

Ahn Bo Hyun is considering an offer to appear in a new drama titled Kairos.

He is recently known for his role as Jang Geun Won in the drama Itaewon Class. With his effective portrayal of the character, he received love calls from numerous crews.

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According to a source from his agency FN Entertainment, Ahn Bo Hyun received a proposal to appear in Kairos. And there is no confirmation yet as the drama is still under positive review.

Furthermore, it is expected to begin the filming next month after the production crew wraps up most of the major casting for the said drama.

Kairos is a new MBC romantic-fantasy-thriller drama that tells the story of a man whose young daughter got kidnapped and a woman who lives in the past. The two got tied up on a journey as they are trying to save their loved ones.

However, if he accepts the role, he will be jumping straight into this drama after the success of his recent JTBC drama Itaewon Class.

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo Hyun appeared on MBC’s I Live Alone broadcasted on April 3, revealing his daily life.

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