6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Touch Your Heart

If you’re looking for something light to watch but will give you that kilig feels, this one is for you. With Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na as the main lead, it will surely bring back your Goblin Feels.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Give It A Try:

1. Simplicity is Beauty

The story is so simple that it seems like any other story. But, it has its own charm. It is about an actress Oh Yoon Seo (Yoon In Na) who is beautiful but bad in acting, and a cold but talented lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook). After getting into a scandal with the son of a chaebol family, Oh Yoon Seo’s career almost ended. Hoping to get a comeback, she needs to get a real-life experience by working in a law firm. But working with the ruthless Kwon Jung Rok was not making her life any easier.

2. Perfect Chemistry

Yoon In Na and Lee Dong Wook‘s chemistry in this drama is perfect. I never loved my Chemistry subject but I love their chemistry. Watching them together will give you happiness as they are given a second chance in love after their painful past in Goblin.

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3. A Goddess

Just like Korea’s Goddess Kim Tae Hee, Yoon In Na’s beauty is beyond perfection. The way she smiles and cares for the people around her as Oh Yoon Seo/ Oh Jin Shim adds up to her beauty. You will also be charmed with her childish ways and innocence.

4. The Lawyer

Lee Dong Wook’s role as a lawyer will give you that Grim Reaper’s vibe at first. But as the drama progresses, his hidden charms will surely put a smile on your face. And by the end of the drama, he will leave you wanting for more.

5. The Side Love Stories

This drama is full of love. You will see not only one or two but three side love stories.

a. Second Chances

We all deserve a second chance. These two thought they would be better off without each other. Only to find out that they can’t live without each other. Meet the powerful duo (Left to right) prosecutor Yoo Yeo Reum (Son Song Yoon) and prosecutor Kim Se Won (Lee Sang Woo).

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b. One-Sided Love Affair

There are people who are happy as long as the person they like is happy. Their story is the story of most people who are unable to tell how they feel. Meet (From Left to Right) Yang Eun Ji (Jang So Yeon) and Lee Doo Seob (Park Ji Hwan).

c. Opposites Attract

They are the perfect example of opposites. They will surely make you laugh with their antics. You will enjoy watching them as they both find what they are looking for in the most unexpected ways and time. Meet (From Left to Right) Choi Yoon Hyuk (Shim Hyun Tak) and Dan Moon Hee (Park Hyun Kye).

6. Life and Lessons

This drama will teach you things about life. The struggles and beauty of life. No matter what happens a new day will give you another chance to either stay and be defeated or stand up and find a way to make your life better. Each of the characters in this drama has their own battles to fight. Some are easy while others seem impossible to overcome. But what made them get through their battles are the people beside and behind them. When everything seems like it is falling apart, these people will make sure you will never face it alone.

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Bonus: Cameo appearances

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