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Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Bum, and other casts meet for the first script reading of “Tale of Gumiho”

Upcoming tvN drama, Tale of Gumiho, will grace on our screens this year!

Photo source: Naver

The whole casts, Director Shin Hyo (The Heirs and Children of a Lesser God), and Writer Han Woo Ri gathered for the first time as they attended the drama’s first script reading held in April.

Despite of the difficulties due to pandemic, the complete casts namely Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Bum, Kim Yong Ji, Hwang Hee, Kim Jeong Nan, and Ahn Gil Gang created a friendly environment that show their undenying chemistry towards each other.

Moreover, Director Kang Shin Hyo thanked the casts and production staff for attending the said event. He also expressed his determination to create a comfortable shooting environment for everyone.

The Tale of Gumiho is an upcoming urban fantasy drama that tells the story of a male gumiho who lived in the city. However, there is also a fearless producing director who is determined to hunt the gumiho down.

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It will create a fascinating yet cruel love story between humans and Gumihos, and also expected to show an oriental fantasy action romance with scenes and stunts that haven’t seen yet in any drama.

Photo Source: Naver

Lee Dong Wook will be playing the lead role as Lee Yeon, a chic and charismatic mountain God Gumiho of Baekdudaegan but is now settled in the city.

As to Jo Bo Ah, she plays the female lead role named Nam Ji Ah, a producing director specializing in ghost stories. She tries to transform her acting into 180-degree different character.

She used her bold charm to justify Nam Ji Ah’s character as a woman who came out of the river. From her character as an easygoing individual to a brave on, portraying the fantastic fate entangled with Gumiho.

Joining the main casts, Kim Bum shows an unconventional acting role this time as Yi Rang, Lee Yeon’s (Lee Dong Wook) half-brother. He was born between a human and a Gumiho, and will be the source of conflict in the drama.

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Kim Bum’s character describes as the most dangerous gumiho who holds a deep grudge towards humans. He occasionally seduces them by granting their wishes and they end up paying a hefty price.

Furthermore, the production team shared, “Tale of Gumiho is an oasis-like of work that will give us a fresh drama through a new way of speaking.”

“In the second half of 2020, it will bring different emotions with the constantly changing tension of Gumiho, that will also serves us so much fun and transformation,” they added.

Tale of Gumiho is set to premiere this coming October, but the airing time has not yet been announced.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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