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KDrama Review: Reasons Why You Should Not Snooze on the New Kdrama ‘Love Alarm’

In this highly digital age where we can do almost everything with our smartphones, new drama ‘Love Alarm’ presents a society scenario of having a smartphone application detect who you love and who loves you. You just need to have satisfy three conditions; a good internet connection, the app downloaded in your smartphone and be within 10 meters radius of your crush.

Love Alarm (좋아하면 울리는) is a drama adaption of popular webtoon of the same name by Chon Kye Young. It was released by Netflix and TVN on August 22 with 8 episodes for its first season. It stars Kim So Hyun as Jojo, Song Kang as Sun Oh and Jung Ga Ram as Hye Yeong.

To help you decide whether to watch it or not, here are a few key points to note about the series:

The Plot

The concept of the whole drama is a science fiction idea applied on a romantic story. It follows the story of hardworking student Jojo as she suddenly found herself tangled up on a love triangle between popular model and son of a polical candidate Sun Oh and his bestfriend Hye Yeong.

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Plotwise, the drama is very straighforward with no twists or whatsoever. This will come off as boring to some but still quite enjoyable to those who seek for a simple romantic series.

What you will find interesting within the plot is how it has this dark core cloaked by all these sweet and borderline cheesy (but very effective) scenes.

The overall pace of the story was very quick as it already accelerated itself as soon the first episode. But it is also good to note that these first 8 episodes barely capture the wholeness of the 100+ chapter webtoon. We can say that this is merely the introduction part.

The Characters

The three main characters did a good job portraying their assigned characters. However, we can say that their character’s action were a bit flat and predictable probably because its only the start of the series. The characters managed to grow from high school to college in a span of 8 episodes so we’ll probably get more character development in the next season.

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The supporting roles, especially the app developer’s character are also worth the credit as they successfully supplemented the story.

The Production

The production design was at par with the expectations as this is a TVN and Netflix production. It delivers the required visuals and effects especially whenever the scene needs to emphasize the work the ‘Love Alarm’ app was doing.

Also, despite the futuristic concept of the app, the story is believably set during the current times.

In conclusion…

The drama might not be considered as ‘mindblowingly amazing’ and one will probably finish watching it and forget the story details afterwards. Also, it won’t have this lingering feeling of satisfaction that will make you watch it again and again for the next few days.

But to be fair, the series tackles some serious societal issues that would probably urge the viewers to read between the lines. It might seem simple at first but once you realize that there is more to the picture, you’ll definitely enjoy it tenfold.

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Also, we can probably give it the benefit of the doubt as it is only the start of a whole series. But if it comes to the basic question of “Is it a good watch?” ; the answer os definitely YES.

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