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Get to know Kang Ha Neul including all his K-dramas and movies (with plot summary)

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Kang Ha Neul aka Sky is well known for his sweet smile that can easily captivate the hearts of many. Various fans really adore him especially that his kindness and good attitude are on another level.

He started his career as a stage actor with more than 10 musical theatre he partake in since 2006 until present. It is no surprise for some already that the actor has truly a great voice. In fact, he was able to participate in the 2018 military musical play as well titled Shinheung Military Academy.

Back in 2007, he began his acting career in a small screen through My Mom! Super Mom! Other fans became familiar of him in 2012 when he joined To The Beautiful You with a supporting role. A year later, he started to be known by many through The Heirs. He later became really popular with his successful movie Midnight Runners and comeback award-winning drama When The Camellia Blooms.

On June 5, 2020, he bagged the Best Actor award in television category at 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards with his first drama main lead role. A lot of fans expressed their appreciation and happiness for him. As it is his comeback drama after being discharged in the military, many Kang Ha Neul stans are really proud and in joy after When The Camellia Blooms scored four awards in one night.

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Moreover, the actor already achieved more than 10 awards since then. Still, the pure and kind-hearted Sky that many have known before has never changed. His recent award speech melted the hearts if many which says, “I want to became a great person first before I become a great actor. Thank you.”

Who would not love him and like his personality, right? As he continually gains recognition, might as well be informed of his Korean dramas and movies!

K-dramas and movies with Kang Ha Neul as main lead

1. Mourning Grave (movie)

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It is a 2014 horror film about a student with special ability to see ghosts portrayed by Kang Ha Neul. He transfers to another school after being left out in his previous school. Later on, he meets a ghosts which he will be friend with. However, things get out of control as his classmates vanish one after the other.

2. Twenty (movie)

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Twenty is a 2015 comedy and youth film that tells the story of three guy best friends. They graduated from the same high school and are turning in their 20s already. They are kind of different from one another with different story to share as well.

3. Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet (movie)

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It is a 2016 biographical period movie about the life of poet.

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4. Like for Likes (movie)

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Like for Likes is a 2016 romance comedy film that follows the story of three couples using social media platform to express themselves and their thoughts.

5. New Trial (movie)

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It is a 2016 movie about a man who was falsely accused as a murderer portrayed by Kang Ha Neul. He spends 10 years in prison but the truth is he is the witness in the murder of a taxi driver.

6. Midnight Runners (movie)

Midnight Runners is a 2017 South Korean film starring Park Seo Jun and Kang Ha Neul. It is an action, thriller, comedy, and crime movie.

Park Seo Jun and Kang Ha Neul portrayed the role of new students at the Korean National Police University. One night, they witnessed a young woman being kidnap.

7. Forgotten (movie)

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Forgotten is a 2017 South Korean mystery thriller movie starring Kang Ha Neul, Kim Mu Yeol, Moon Sung Keun, and Na Young Hee.

It tells the story of a young man who moves into a new house together with his older brother, mother, and father. On a rainy night, he witnesses the abduction of his older brother. After 19 days since he disappeared, he returns home and claims that he remembers nothing prior to his disappearance.

8. I Have a Date with Spring (movie)

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It is a 2018 mystery film about the aliens who are well aware of the coming end of the world. They visit four persons who will be celebrating their birthday a day before the said end of the world.

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9. When The Camellia Blooms (K-drama)

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It is a 2019 Korean drama aired on KBS2 about a single mother named Oh Dongbaek. When she was young, many people around her treated her poorly for being an orphan. In her 30s, she moves to Ongsan, a fictional town, and opens a restaurant bar called Camellia to support her child alone.

Other K-dramas and movies he took part as supporting actor (or cameo)

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A. K-dramas

  • My Mom! Super Mom!;
  • Hometown Over The Hill;
  • Midnight Hospital;
  • To The Beautiful You;
  • Monstar;
  • Two Weeks;
  • Unrest;
  • The Heirs;
  • Angel Eyes;
  • Incomplete Life;
  • Missing Noir M;
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo; and
  • Entourage.

B. Movies

  • Battlefield Heroes;
  • You’re My Pet;
  • C’est Si Bon;
  • The Age of Innocence; and
  • Heung Boo: The Revolutionist.

Whether you are an old fan or a new one, please, continue showing your support and giving genuine love to Sky! Once again, congratulations, Kang Ha Neul, for being the Best Actor at 56th Baeksang Arts Awards. Thank you as well for your beautiful smiles, kindness, generosity, and the life lessons you continually share with us.

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