Chinese drama recommendation: “Lucky’s First Love”

Are you looking for a light but sweet and romantic Chinese drama?

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Well, here’s an adorable 24-episode drama titled Lucky’s First Love starring Bai Lu and Yun Xing Zhao. It is also known as The World Owes Me A First Love which is a direct translation of the Chinese title.

This drama revolves around an aspiring simple animation artist named Xing Yun in a gaming development company called TIG. She is also known as the company’s mascot who gives luck to the company and to her boss, Xia Ke, the bachelor chief executive officer (CEO) of the said company.

As her name also means lucky, she’s not only an animation artist but also the boss’ assistant and even became a gaming designer. In her everyday journey with her boss facing different struggles and continuous bickering, it brings them closer.

Xing Yun dated and had a relationship with her boss’ sister’s ex-boyfriend and thinks it was her first love. Everything falls apart when she learned that the guy still loves someone. However, who really is Lucky’s first love?

What do I like about this drama

If I’d rate this drama, I will give it 8 out of 10. It’s a typical light yet sweet Chinese drama but it gives me frustration as well. Don’t get me wrong but it is quite frustrating when they are in denial and shy to admit their feelings that consume most of the episodes.

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But I also know why it happens, the first 10 episodes molded and built the personality of the characters that gives extra credit. The frustration slowly faded when they confessed to each other and gives the audience even more exciting episodes.

The two characters are so lovely and made me kilig all the time! I am smiling from ear to ear while watching their kilig moments.

More than that, there are also many visuals to crush over with. You will not only learn from one love story but three! The characters also depict different life lessons, in which we can learn, reflect and realize.

Lessons we learn from the characters

Bai Lu as Xing Yun

She is a simple girl that only aims for the betterment of everybody. Her personality resembles those individuals who strive hard in order to succeed.

However, some individuals will try to invalidate your hard work and efforts, but always remember that they are not a loss. Continue to be an inspiration and don’t let others bring you down. Thus, there are still a lot of people who believe in you.

In the relationship, you also need to be real and true to yourself. Do not ever try to play the feelings of other people and always clear your intention in the first place.

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Xing Yun also emphasized in the drama the trust you need to build in order to have a happy and stable relationship. Trust your partner to kill the jealousy and to ease your mind. After all, your love will be firmed through the trust and communication you are going to build.

Xing Zhao Lin as Xia Ke

In my observation of some of the Chinese dramas I have watched, the main actor doesn’t really have any big issues and remains still and firm personality. Xia Ke chose to pursue his passion and build his own gaming company than inheriting their family’s.

It is bad to disobey the elderly especially your family but sometimes, you also need to choose your happiness and seek what you really wanted in life. Moreover, doing what you love makes you successful and gives you genuine happiness despite all the struggles.

Hence, choose your passion. Choose your happiness.

Liu Ruo Yan as Shen Qing

Shen Qing is a single mom and got cheated on by her ex-husband. After learning a new love, she questioned her self-worth and if she really deserve the love Chu Nan gives to her.

Your past doesn’t define your present and future. It may take a part of your today but that won’t rule your tomorrow, don’t let your past ruin and rule your tomorrow. We all deserve to be loved and experience true love.

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Huang Ji Dong as Chu Nan

Chu Nan implies that we should not make any decisions and take immediate actions if our mind is a mess. With that, we will only create a problem and may hurt someone. We couldn’t think properly if we have a messy and haywire mind.

Moreover, we also need to be firm in the decisions we will tend to make.

Zhou Rui Jun as Zhang Si Rui

If you are an ex, you are already an ex.

Do not assume that the feelings are still the same in the past and wish to reconcile again as if nothing has had happened as if you did not hurt an innocent soul. If the other party already moved on, then learn to move on. The picture that was used to be the two of you is now replaced with a new face. And do not try to enter that picture again just to ruin their relationship.

They are now happy and probably destined for each other. This may be hard but we need to accept, let go, and move on.

Check the trailer below.

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