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WATCH: Joo Ho, Naeun, and Gunhoo greets ‘The Return of Superman’ viewers after hiatus!

One of our favorite, ‘The Return of Superman’ family, is finally returning!

KBS Entertainment has uploaded a video preview of the Park family on their Youtube, consisting of Soccer player Park Joo Ho and his children, Naeun (Eden) and Gunhoo (Aciel). The family took a hiatus from the program to welcome the newest member of the family, Jinwoo (Élyséen).

Joo Ho already confirmed that the family will be returning on one of his vlogs but didn’t spill the details yet. And now, we are finally meeting the Park family on our TV Screens!

In the video, Park Joo Ho sets up a camera, and behind him, an adorable and short-haired Naeun appeared! Joo Ho was thrilled to share that they are finally back after a long time. He even asked Gun Hoo to greet the viewers.

The whole video gives us a preview of their upcoming episode. Naeun is happily teaching Gunhoo animals in the English language. Later on, they are having a fun time dancing to a BTS song.

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We can finally see how these two siblings grew up, especially Gun Hoo, who is now talkative!

Who’s excited to welcome them back? Share your thoughts with us!

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