Kim Jung Hyun to have a special appearance in Seo Ji Hye’s upcoming drama

It’s been a month since Crash Landing On You ended but two of the cast members are already expected to reunite for a drama!

I’m sure the fate of the characters Seo Dan (played by Seo Ji Hye) and Gu Seung Joon (played by Kim Jung Hyun) left you heartbroken; however, say no more because our GuDan couple will finally be together again.

MBC confirmed on March 27 that Kim Jung Hyun will be making a special appearance in the new drama Shall We Eat Dinner Together?

It is based on a webtoon of the same name, which tells the story of a man (played by Song Seung Hoon) and a woman (played by Seo Ji Hye) who guards her heart after experiencing painful heartbreaks in the past.

Through eating dinner together, they start to heal their hearts and recover from their painful relationships.

The chemistry of the two was a hit in CLOY and fans were waiting for their reunion ever since!

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Based on SPOTV News, the two are reportedly showing their chemistry once again on set last March 27.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Hyun’s role is still unknown, but one thing’s for sure, this is the reunion that we deserve!

Shall We Eat Dinner Together is set to premiere this May.

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