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Satoh Takeru to star an upcoming Japanese film!

After the succes of his recent drama, “Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo“. Actor Satoh Takeru will star again in an upcoming Japanese film titled “To Those Who Couldn’t Be Protected” (literal translation).

“To Those Who Couldn’t Be Protected” is based on a mystery novel by Nakayama Shichiri and will be directed by Zeze Takahisa. The same director of Satoh Takeru’s previous drama “The 8th Year Engagement”.

The film will focus about a serial killing that occurred in an urban area of Miyagi wherein the body was found tied and starved.

Satoh Takeru will portray the role as Yasuhisa Tone, a suspect emerged behind the search line.

While Hiroshi Abe will be Seiichiro Toshino, a Police detective in Miyagi Perfectural Station. He will investigate and reveal the truth behind the mysterious killings.

In addition, actress Kaya Kiyohara, Mitsuko Baisho and actor Hidetaka Yoshioka will also join the casting of the said upcoming film.

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