Starship’s New Nine-Member Boy Group Team, CRAVITY, to Debut This Year

Starship Entertainment’s new nine-member boy group, CRAVITY has been revealed.

The agency opens the official SNS channel of the rookie boy group, which announces its launch on May 15.

It released a video clip featuring its team name “CRAVITY” and logo to prepare for its debut in earnest debut.

In the video, the universe turns upside down as a meteor shower falls over the beautifully lit Earth. It then switches to a logo depicting C, meaning the first letter of the team name, to announce its appearance.

CRAVITY is a nine-member boy group. It combines “Creativity” and “Gravity” with a team name that implies bringing their original charms into the universe

CRAVITY, which stands for “Center of Gravity,” also has a goal of achieving the best performance by striking a perfect balance when different members come together.

Starship Entertainment houses global artists, such as Monsta X and WJSN and many other artists.

Moreover, the news of Kang Minhee and Song Hyeongjun’s joining of the group is leading to high responses from the fans before their official debut.

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Minhee and Hyeongjun showed their talent in vocals, dancing, and performance, as well as having outstanding visuals and great personalities when they joined Produce X 101 and when they debuted with X1.

Meanwhile, Starship’s nine-member rookie boy band CRAVITY’s debut promotion schedule will be unveiled through their official SNS channels.

Follow them on their official Twitter account @CRAVITYstarship.

Can’t wait for their debut bes! Are you ready to see new talents?

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