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Meet The Members of X1, Produce X 101’s Newest Boy Group

At the finale of Produce X 101, the final line-up for the newest boy group is now set for debut.

Nation’s Representative Lee Dong Wook reveals the name of the debut group to be X1 (엑스원 pronounced as X-One). He then begins to reveal the final members by rank.

Here is the final member line-up of X1:

Rank 1 – Kim Yo Han

Like previous Produce seasons, Kim Yo Han will take the center position for placing 1st among the final members.

Rank 2 – Kim Woo Seok

Rank 3 – Han Seung Woo

Rank 4 – Song Hyeong Jun

Rank 5 – Cho Seung Yeon

Rank 6 – Son Dong Pyo

Rank 7 – Lee Han Gyul

Rank 8 – Nam Do Hyun

Rank 9 – Cha Jun Ho

Rank 10 – Kang Min Hee

X Member – Lee Eun Sang

Finally, Lee Eunsang is revealed as the final member to complete the debut team.

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X1 will be promoting for a longer contract period than previous Produce groups such as I.O.I, WANNAONE and IZ*ONE. Details on their future schedule is yet to be announced.

Are you excited for their upcoming activities? Stay updated and follow their official SNS accounts on Vlive, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The group also has a twitter account for members here.

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