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K-Drama Recommendation : Itaewon Class

“We Never Know What Will Happen In Life.” – Park Saeroyi

Itaewon Class is a South Korean Drama that started airing last January 31, 2020 in JTBC and February 1, 2020 in Netflix (will air every Saturday and Sunday for Netflix). The story is based on a webtoon of the same title written by Gwanjin.

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It tells the story of Park Saeroyi (Park Seojun), a son who lives by the teachings of his father, Park Sungyeol (Son Hyunjoo) works for a big company called Jangga. Everything was going fine for the father and son until his father was moved to the Headquarters of his company. Because of this, Park Saeroyi transferred to a different school where he saw Jang Geunwon (Ahn Bohyun) bullying one of their classmates in front of their teacher. Park Saeroyi tried asking Jang Geunwon to stop but won’t listen that he ended up punching him. Jang Geunwon, is the son of Jangga company’s CEO where his father works. Jang Daehee (Yoo Jae Myung), the CEO of Jangga Company and Park Sungyeol’s boss asked Park Saeroyi to kneel and apologize to his son and he will be forgiven. But Park Saeroyi did not ask forgiveness because he believes that those who did something wrong should ask for forgiveness. Because of this he ended up getting expelled and his father resigned from work. Everything went fine for Park Saeroyi and his father until his father died in an accident and the culprit ended up to be Jang Geunwon. He looked for Jang Geunwon and when he found him admitted in a hospital he went straight to him. When Park Saeroyi found Jang Geunwon, he couldn’t stop his anger and continuously beat him up almost killing him. Because of this he was sent to prison for three years. He vowed to come back and beat Jangga Company.

“As Long As We’re Alive, Nothing Is A Big Deal.” – Park Saeroyi

“I’m not sure what would be the right choice to. make but your inner compass usually tells you what it is that you want to do.” – Radio Announcer

My Thoughts :

Wow! Just Wow!

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I just finished the first two episodes and was overwhelmed with all of the emotions it made me feel. To be honest, I thought it would be just a simple story. I never expected that it would have such a great impact and nothing is simple about the story. The characters that were chosen fits their roles perfectly, and Park Seojun, he deserves more than100% score for his acting in this drama. He deserves a perfect 200% score. He just gets better and better. If he’s not yet an “Oppa” for you, you would definitely change your mind after watching this.

I can’t wait for next week to see how the story would build up. The versitality of the casts that are included in this production made me excited. This is not your usual drama, nothing about the drama is usual and that’s what I like about it. There are still a lot of characters that are left to be introduced. I am still waiting for Jo Yiseo (Kim Dami), the manager of the bar/restaurant that Park Saeroyi build. And Lee Hojin (David Lee), the boy Park Saeroyi saved from being bullied. I am not sure if he will be given. more screen time but something tells me that I will still be seeing him.

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A drama that makes a mark in your heart and will make you ask for more. It’s so close to life that you’ll fall in love with it at first watch.


I love music and I definitely live OSTs. And just like that English song in Uncontrollably Fond, A Little Braver that has a special place in my heart. Still Fighting It (Originally by Ben Folds but the OST opted for the Superband Lee Chansol’s cover which I loved) is now stilling right next to it. I seldom listen to English song lately but Still Fighting It is now on my repeat mode. As I listen to it the scenes from Itaewon Class replay in my mind in a silent movie mode.

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