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2018 K-Drama Lines That Became Popular According To Filipino K-Drama Viewers


Most k-drama fans especially filipinos are very attentive to every single detail on the drama that they are watching. As a Filipino viewer, a good drama always comes with an unforgettable lines–it’s either comedy, romantic or even a melodramatic line.

I asked the members of Annyeong Oppa Group (You may click the link if you want to join.) if what are the 2018 k-drama lines that became a trend for them.

Here are some of 2018 k-drama lines that are unforgettable according to them:

  • Eulachacha Waikiki

“Gwenchana, Gwenchana…”

– Lee Joon-ki (Played by Lee Yi-kyung)

To some people, it’s just an ordinary korean phrase which means it’s okay / it’s alright / It’s Fine. But for us, k-drama fans, it reminds us of Lee Joon-ki (Lee Yi-kyung).

  • Thirty But Seventeen

“Don’t Think, Feel!”

– Yoo Chan (Played by Ahn Hyo-seop)

It’s like the modern version of “Aja!”. What do you think, bes?

  • What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?
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– Lee Young-joon (Played by Park Seo-joon)

We can definitely feel his Aura bes! (Feel nyo ‘na rin ba? hahaha!)

  • Are You Human Too?

“That very moment I thought for the first time that I wished the one before me wasn’t a robot I wished he was a person like me”

-Kang So-Bong (Played By Gong Seung-yeon)

This is one of the heartbreaking scenes in this drama where Kang So-bong realized that she’s actually falling in love with a robot. (Nag-uumapaw ang feels ko dito bes ㅠㅠ)

“It’s a rule to hug you when you are crying”

– Nam Shin 3 (Played by Seo Kang-joon)

  • 100 Days My Husband

“Am i the only one who feels uncomfortable right now?”

-Won Deuk / Prince Lee Yeol (Played By EXO’s Do Kyung-soo)

I can still hear him saying this with matching “ohooo!” at the beginning. (I miss Won-deukie! ^^)

Some fans even made a video compilation of Kyung-soo’s famous line:

  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty
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“Some are born to have daily lives that look like a photoshoots”

-Oh Hyun-jung (Played by Min Do-hee)

“The true beauty of perfume lies in the fact that it can’t be seen. Scent is the one and only beautiful thing that can be felt even with your eyes closed.”

-Na Hye-sung, Do Kyung-seok’s mother (Played by Park Joo-mi)

  • Mr. Sunshine

“Let’s do it. Love. Let’s do it together. With me.”

-Eugene Choi (Played By Lee Byung-hun)

Even though he said it like this, we still got kilig to the fact that he’s asking Ae-shin to date. (hihihi!)

  • The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

“Don’t trust people. People are nothing.”

-Kim Moo-young (Played by Seo In-guk)

Did i miss your favorite 2018 k-drama line/s? You can just write it on the comment section below. 😊

Source: Annyeong Oppa Group

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  1. I remember all those from dramas that I have watched. 100 days my prince dialogue was favourite and suited him well too. I ahvent watched Euluchacha wakiki yet but it’s sounds the best.

  2. You must include Terius Behind Me. For me it has one of the best storyline. The phasing of the story is not that fast nor not that slow. Tamang tama lang that it will get you hooked up with the drama. I finished it within two days kung wala lang work baka 1 day lang. You’ll definitely love joon-joon twins and the Kingcastle neighborhood 😉

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