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New KDrama Alert : Love With Flaws

“If a guy is handsome, he’s rude. If guy is ugly, he’s kind. You judge based on people’s looks. Isn’t that discrminating against people’s looks?” – Joo Wonsuk

If you’re looking for a light and funny drama this one’s for you. From the start of Episode 1 upto the current episode I just couldn’t stop from laughing. Every character and every scene was plotted perfectly. No dull moments just a light funny with a bit romance drama. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Love with Flaws tells the story of two individuals who have different concept about the way people look and their interpretation of it. Lee Kangwoo (Ahn Jaehyun) was dumped in his past for being ugly and obese. After an unfortunate event that lead his classmate to teasing him, he became obsess with cleanliness and the way he looks.

Joo Seoyeon (Oh Yeonseo) on the other hand does not like handsome men because of the problems that were caused by her three handsome brothers. She also believes that handsome men usually are bad and that ugly people are kind. The two of them met at their school’s reunion and memories of the past was brought into light.

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After consulting a psychiatrist, who gave him an advise of facing his fears to overcome it, he was determined to do that but getting through Joo Seoyeon was never easy. And after the transformation that he went through his good looks was not enough for Joo Seoyeon to like him.

Little did he know that Joo Seoyeon hated good looking men because of what she have to endure from her 3 good looking brothers.

When making Joo Seoyeon like him did not work, Lee Kangwoo changed his tactics amd vowed to take his revenge to Joo Seoyeon as he took over the school where Joo Seoyeon works. Find out what will happen between Lee Kangwoo and Joo Seoyeon as they under the same school.

Lee Kangwoo (Ahn Jaehyeon)

Joo Seoyeon (Oh Yeonseo)

Joo Seoyeon’s 3 Brothers

Joo Wonjae (Min Wookhyuk)

Joo Wonsuk (Cha In Ha)

Joo Seojoon (Kim Jaeyong)

Joo Seoyeon’s Bestfriend :

Kim Mikyung (Kim Seulgi)

Lee Kangwoo close friend and Manager :

Park Hyunsoo (Heo Jeongmin)

Lee Kangwoo’s Cousin and the one who likes Joo Seoyeon

Lee Minhyuk (Gu Won)

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