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KDrama Recommendation: Pegasus Market

******Spoiler Alert******

These days, knowing people is like a skill you list on your resume. So when you don’t have any special friends or when you don’t date, people think you’re someone who has a problem. But I don’t agree. Rather than managing my network because of what other people may think of me, I want to be someone who’s ready.” – Moon Seok-goo

Pegasus Market is a South Korean Kdrama about a supermarket under Daema Group. Daema Group is one of the top companies in South Korea where Jung Bok-dong works as a director, but an unfortunate event lead to his demotion when he was assigned to Pegasus Market as president.

For the people working for Daema Group, when you’re assigned to Pegasus Market it’s a silent way of saying ‘Hand in your resignation.’ Knowing this, Jung Bok-dong has something more up on his sleeves.

Moon Seok-goo is the manager at Pegasus Market. The store is currently not doing that good until Jung Bok-dong step in. After what had happened to him at the head office, Jung Bok-dong was all set with his plan of revenge in making Daema Group Fall. He started by hiring people as full-time employees. One who hasn’t have any work experience because he was busy with a band that would never debut.

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Another is an old man who was layed off by his company, who became a hired driver only to be looked down by his customers. A thug who came in for complaint. A Tribe leader along with his tribe. And a child who lost his father. He gave these people second chances to live their life. Now they are all doing their best to prove to him that they are worth it, which was what he was not expecting.

He also gave chances to products sold by people on the street and even tried to make it hard to enter the market so that people would stop coming. All his over expenditures are always returned by good sale. All his plans that he thought would be the reason for downfall of Daema Group turns out out to be good. And no matter what he does it just boost the sale and made Pegasus Market loved by more people.

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My Thoughts:

I was not expecting that I would like this drama so much. The way the lines and events that were delivered were just right on point. It will make you say “Ahh that’s why,” or “I see.” It makes you relate to it in an expected way. The part when a layed off man was saying how hard it was to find a full-time job and to be given a chance to have one really hits close to home as we are not getting any younger options are getting smaller. As work are not usually looking for experience, instead they are basing experience with specific age.

So many things about the show that I wanted to share but wouldn’t want to be a spoiler. Each episode is an hour well spent. Sometimes I wonder how the director was able to jam packed everything in one episode. The way they transitioned every scene was just amazing. If you’re looking for something refreshing to watch. This is a must for you.

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Cast stars Kim Byung-chul as Jung Bok-dong and Lee Dong-hwi as Moon Seok-goo. You can also see Lee Soon-jae as Kim Daema, Park Ho-san as Kwon Young-gu, Jung Hye-sung as Jo Mi-ran, Jung Min-sung as Choi Il-nam, Kang Hong-suk as Oh In-bae, Kim Ho-young as Jo Min-dal, Kim Gyu-ri as Go Mi-joo, Lee Gyoo-hyeon as Kim Gap, Choi Kwang-je as Bbaya Leader Pielekku and Bae Jae-won as Park Il-woong.

Find out more about their adventures and misadventures and the lessons they teach along the way about life.

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