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Na PD pleads fans during YouTube live after losing to another ‘variety promise’

Looks like the ‘variety deities’ made fun of famous Korean producing director Na Young Suk a.k.a “Na PD” after he again fell into his own trap.

As part of the promotions for his recent variety show “Iceland in Three Meals” with Eun Jiwon and Lee Soo Geun, Na PD opened an offcial Instagram account as well as a Youtube channel. To celebrate the opening of his channel, he made another reckless promise TO SEND JIWON AND SOO GEUN TO THE MOON IF THE CHANNEL REACHES ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS BEFORE THE SHOW ENDS ITS BROADCASTS.

On November 19, two months after he made the promise, the “Gold Play Button” finally arrives at their doorstep as the said channel reaches over 1 million subscribers.

He posted this photo on his official Instagram account to recognize the feat:

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The production team also released this statement on news outlets to express their gratitude, “The production team is currently researching various ways to fulfill the promise. We will announce the final result in the near future. We once again thank everyone for allowing the channel to reach 1 million subscribers.”

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On his YouTube live stream on November 20 titled; “An Emergency Live Show That’s a 1 Million Subscribers Celebration Party and Also an Unsubscribe Campaign”

He seriously told this to his subscribers:

“They say that you get a Gold Play Button when you reach 1 million subscribers. It hasn’t been long since our channel hit the milestone, but it came right away. It’s like they’d already had it prepared. It seems like a scheme from Google ”

“I want to ask something small of you. I said that we’d go to the moon if we surpassed 1 million subscribers. I said that we’d go if we reached 1 million by our last show, but there’s still 48 hours left.”

“It costs 400 billion won [approximately 341 million dollars] for one person to go to the moon, and two people would be 800 billion won.” He added with a baffled look, “And if I were to go too…”

“Of course, we have to go to the moon. You subscribed with that intention. So I have a small request. I’m starting a small campaign today. It’s called ‘If you love me, please unsubscribe.’”

He continued, “They say that we couldn’t even get a loan for that amount if we used tvN as collateral.” Na Young Suk then promised that if people unsubscribe, he will continue to work hard on the show. “I beg of you,” he said. “Show your love by unsubscribing.”

Lastly, he said, “If the 1 million subscribers cancel their subscriptions, then I’ll do something else. If you tell us to do a plunge in the Antarctic, that would be easier than the moon. Eun Ji Won, P.O., Kyuhyun, Song Mino, and Lee Soo Geun already unsubscribed. I hope that you will all show your love by unsubscribing. Pengsoo is popular lately. Please subscribe to Pengsoo instead.”

It can be remembered that this is not Na PD’s first time to suffer the consequences of his “variety promises and bets”. Back in 2016, he lost a bet with the cast members and was able to lose a season’s worth of variety content after saying that they will finish the filming if the cast win on the very random game that Na PD proposed himself. It was funny how they even showed a scene with him drawing his fortune for the year and warning him of what is to come.

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However he again repeated this same mistake when he had another bet with the cast members with a Lamborghini and Porsche at stake. Song Mino then nicknamed as “Song Finger” was able to win the bet and was able to enjoy a season of “Youth Over Flowers in Australia” with his group Winner.

Going back to 2019, it seems like he haven’t learned his lessons and was able to give himself another problem.

It seems like the cast members winning a Cruise Trip, a Trip to Iceland (that they shot a variety for) and a trip to Giraffe Hotel in Kenya won’t stop him from testing his “variety luck”.

Na PD is also known for variety shows 1 Night 2 Days, Youth Over Flowers, Grandpas Over Flowers, Sisters Over Flowers, Three Meals a Day, Kang’s Kitchen and New Journey to the West.

You can check out his YouTube channel here.

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