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Inner circles this is not a drill! Mino is coming back this coming October 30 with his 2nd full album called “TAKE”

Last, October 15, 2020 YG Entertainment released a sneak peek of the album on their official twitter account with a caption:

Song Min Ho also posted on his official instagram account saying “On October 30th, we will return to ‘TAKE’ please look forward to it”


Song Min Ho better known as Mino is a member of WINNER together with Yoon, Jinu and Hoony. He is a rapper, singer songwriter and a producer under YG Entertainment. He made a solo debut with his first full album ‘XX’ on November 2018 with its lead single ‘Fiancé’. the album consists of 12 songs that produced, written and composed by Mino himself. Amazing isn’t it?

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In addition, Mino is currently a cast in a south korean travel reality show ‘New journey to the west season 8’ he became a cast since its Season 3.

Inner Circles particularly Mino stans are you ready to see him again with his another solo song?

While waiting for his comeback this coming October 30, you can watch WINNER’s latest song here called ‘Remember‘ released last April 9.

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