We all have this struggle on watching K-Dramas where the second male lead keeps on getting our attention from the first male lead. This is what I experienced when I watched While You Were Sleeping starring Lee Jong Suk (One of my K-drama Oppas. HIHI!) and Suzy (One of my favorite actress)

At first, I decided to watched it because of the main actors and the plot itself. I didn’t search about the second male lead or even the whole cast. I am really focused on Lee Jongsuk and Suzy that time.

It all started when this second male lead came to the picture. I was shookt. Relate bes? Well, I’m expecting that we all are. ( After that I started to get to know him. And guess what? I ended up falling for him even more and stole me from my K-drama bias. HAHA!

His Lovable Character on ‘While You Were Sleeping’.

I don’t believe in ‘Love at first sight’ but I ended up eating my own words when I saw Haein on the first episode of ‘While You Were Sleeping’.  I just can’t control my feels that time especially when I realized that he was supposed to die on the first episode of the drama but Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk’s Character) saved him. I can say that I fell for him on that moment. <3

And of course, his one-sided love with Nam Hongjoo (Bae Suzy) makes us fall for him even more.

(Woo Tak, pwede bang ako nalang? *Sings ‘Kung Ako Nalang Sana* HAHA!)

His Captivating IG Posts.

How can this guy be so attractive? Even his selfies are giving me goosebumps whenever I see them.

His angelic face knows how to allure his fans with his self-taken photos. A piece of advise to all, if you don’t want to extremely fall for this guy, never ever stalk his IG account (@holyhaein). HAHAHA!

His Fashion Sense.

A guy who has a taste in fashion can win a girl’s heart in just a second. For me, Hae In is one of those korean celebrities who really knows how to dress himself in a most stylish way. Probably because of his posture and charisma, he can catch your attention even if he’s just wearing a plain shirt and ripped jeans.<3

The Smile That Can Brighten Up Your Day.

There are many K-Celebs that can capture your heart with their smile.  But for me, Hae In’s smile can literally make your day even brighter than the sun. (Yung tipong kahit brownout sa bahay nyo, liliwanag pa rin ang paligid. HAHA!) This is actually the first thing I noticed about him while watching his dramas. This is his best asset that can actually stole you from your K-drama bias. So prepare yourselves, mga beshies. Hihi! <3

Being A Humble Person.

He has got the looks and the talent that made us love him. But if you get to know him better, you will see the real Hae In that is kind and down-to-earth type of guy. In an interview (screen-caps below), he talks about his fame. Being an actor for many years, Hae In patiently waited for his turn on the spotlight. Because of his determination and hardwork, the time has finally come and achieved his goal. Being a fan of him makes me proud of what he is now and the fact that he doesn’t want to rush anything. (Parang pagmamahal ko lang for him, hindi ko minamadali. Willing akong maghintay sa kanyang pagdating. Laveeern! HAHA!) [Cr.Soompi]


That  scene when Woo tak removes his hospital clothes is the one of the most precious thing in K-Drama history, ever. (LOL!)  Even Jae Chan (Lee Jongsuk’s character) is shookt when he saw his abs. (Yes, Prosecutor Jung, we feel you.)

While I watched this episode, I can’t help but to scream and gushed over this hot guy here. I’m really not seeing myself fangirling to this level but Hae In did this. (Yung mapapa ASDFGHJKL! ka na lang talaga. <3)

So there you have it. It’s just my summary of feels for Jung Hae In. Well, if I mentioned all the things that made me fall for him, we might not end until next year. LOL!

Thank you for taking time to read my ‘Kabaliwan’ over Jung Hae In.

I’m sure you have feels for him too, you can write yours on the comment section below.

Just keep the fangirl spirit in you, bes! Keep on believing that you will meet your ultimate oppa someday.

Written by: Jess 

Twitter: @jing921129

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  1. You can never go wrong with Jung Hae In! He never fails to make me fall in love, have you seen ‘Something in the Rain’, ‘One Spring Night’ and ‘Tune in for Love’? Girllll if not, go on Netflix now!! ❤❤

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