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K-Movie Review: Intimate Strangers

Sometimes even the person you trust your everything with can be a complete stranger.

The movie was released on October 31, 2018 and directed by Lee Jae Kyoo and written by Bae Se Young based on the Italian Movie Perfect Strangers which was released in 2016.

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Casted by well-known actors and actresses namely : Yoo Hae Jin, Cho Jin Woong, Lee Seo Jin, Yum Jung Ah, Kim Ji Soo, Song Ha Yoon, and Yoon Kyung Ho.

The story revolves around a housewarming dinner in the house of the married couple Seok Ho and Ye Jin, who invited their friends for dinner. Ye Jin proposes to play a game where they place their phone on the table for everyone to see, so that when they recieve a text or call message everyone will know and they are obliged to read the message out loud or place their call on speaker mode. Everything started of lightly until events took a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

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At first I was reluctant in watching the movie because I was scared of the conflicts it might show. I was not sure if I can handle it. The scenarios given was really close to real life and it will make you rethink of a lot of things, especially about how you live your life. The movie will evoke feelings you never thought you have or feelings that’s already there but you deny to have. It will make you think twice about how well you know the people close to you, even yourself.

The caption in the end really got me thinking.

“People live three lives, A public life, A private life and a secret life.”

And it’s true in so many ways. People really have three lives. Some might have two, but most of the time people have three.
Some choose a complicated life, while some have no choice but to hide.

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