LOOK: Here Are Filipinos Who Have Starred in Korean Productions

Filipino talents have always been recognized globally. Recently, this was proven once again by some of our local actors who were given the chance to be part of the Korean movies and dramas. By doing well in their “small appearances” they were able catch the attention of all viewers regardless of their nationality.

Here’s a list of these Filipinos and the productions that they were part of:

Lester Avan Andrada (The Flu)

Lester is a Theater Arts Major student from UP Los BaΓ±os who became an exchange student in a Korean University. His great acting skills gave us a lot of emotions during the whole span of the movie and he even spoke in Tagalog on some part of it.

“The Flu”
It was a 2013 movie about an flu outbreak that rapidly attacked one of the district in South Korea. Lester Avan played the role of “Monssai”, a Filipino immigrant in Korea.

Lauren Young & Ejay Falcon (Where the Stars Land)

The guest appearance of actors Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young in one episode of the Korean drama “Where the Stars Land” became quite a buzz as soon as it reached the media’s attention.

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Ejay played the role of a Filipino OFW who attempted to enter Korea illegally to see his wife, played by Lauren, who suddenly goes into labor in the airport. The two garnered praises from the drama production scene as well as the viewers for a very touching scene that they were able to portray.

“Where the Stars Land / Fox Bride Star”

The drama was just released recently. It tells the story of those who works in aviation industry. Ejay and Lauren dramatic scene as Mari and Ian managed to move the hearts of viewers.

Nash Ang (Arthdal Chronicles)

Nash is a film director and a scholar in one of the University in Korea. He’s also the one behind the translated language of Tausug, an indigenous Philippine language that was used and featured in the drama episode.

“Arthdal Chronicles”

In the early chapter of the drama, the Wahan Tribe was introduced and Nash was one of its members. His line was delivered in Tausug language.

Devon Seron (You With Me)

TV actress Devon Seron starred in a Filipino-Korean movie together with Korean actors Ju Hyeong Jin and Hyun Woo.

“You with Me”

For her first ever lead role, Devon was lucky for the opportunity to be paired up with these Korean stars. The movie was both filmed here in the Philippines and Korea.

Have you watched these productions? How was it? Did you feel proud after watching? Share it to us in the comments section.

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  1. Miss Cherish or ‘Cherish unni’ on YouTube (idk her last name) was casted in several kdramas even before. I first saw her in Dr. Romantic 2 though.

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