5 extraordinary roles of Park Eun Bin that will surely captivate you!

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At a very young age, Park Eun Bin started her journey as a model and an actress. She made her acting debut in 1998. She is known for being one of the great actresses who has impressive acting skills.

Here are some of her remarkable roles that proved her versatility and extraordinary skill in acting.

1. Song Ji Won (Age of Youth)

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Hello, My Twenties is a slice-of-life story that revolves around the youths who are living together in the same house. They have different stories to tell.

Park Eun Bin plays the role of Song Ji Won. This is one of my favorite characters of Eun Bin. I love how bubbly and lovable she is in this series. Her energy from Season 1 to 2 is consistent, I had fun watching Age of Youth because of her.

2. Lee Se Young (Hot Stove League)

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Hot Stove League is one of the hit dramas Park Eun Bin starred in. A Sports drama that revolves around the baseball team called Dream who changes when they met their new manager.

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Park Eun Bin plays the role of Lee Se Young, the youngest and the only female manager in the league. “You crossed the line first!” is one of Park Eun Bin’s remarkable lines in this drama. Her character here brings motivation to all the viewers to be more passionate in pursuing their dreams and never give up.

3. Chae Song Ah (Do You Like Brahms?)

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Do You Like Brahms tells the story of students who study at a prestigious university. They are majoring in music and find love as they chase their dream.

Park Eun Bin portrayed the student named, Chae Song Ah. Eun Bin practiced a lot playing violin for this and her hard work manifested in this drama. She pulled off her role as Song Ah and successfully conveyed her feelings through music.

4. Prince Lee Hwi/Dami/Yeonseon (The King’s Affection)

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The King’s Affection depicts a story of a woman who pretends to be a man and becomes the crown prince due to the death of her twin brother.

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Park Eun Bin transforms into a mysterious and charismatic prince named Lee Hwi. This is one of my favorite characters of her because this drama emphasizes her versatility in acting. Imagine? Playing multiple roles in one drama? Eun Bin did it all. She is amazing!

5. Woo Young Woo (Extraordinary Attorney Woo)

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Park Eun Bin’s recent drama tells a story of a lawyer named Woo Young Woo with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who has an IQ of 164 and works at the Hanbada law firm.

She worked hard for this role and did her version of Woo Young Woo so no one would feel unpleasant or offended and decided not to imitate a natural person or a character that already exists.

She flawlessly portrayed her respective role here and won various awards that she unquestionably deserves.

Which Park Eun Bin role is your favorite in this list?

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