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7 Reasons to Love iKON’s Donghyuk

Kim Donghyuk is a member of iKON, a Kpop boy group. iKON won as the Record Production of the Year at Gaon Chart Music Awards 2018 and their Love Scenario was recognized as the Song of the Year by various award shows. 

But who is Kim Donghyuk? And why does he deserve all the love in the world? 

Here are the 7 reasons why.


Before Donghyuk debuted in iKON in 2015, he was already exposed to different competitions with extensive training. He joined and won in a JYP Trainee Search in 2012. He auditioned and received offers from the “Big 3” agencies: SM, JYP, YGE. He chose YGE but had to undergo another two tough survival shows: WIN in 2013 and MIX & MATCH in 2014. He worked so hard to become a total package idol that he is now. He can rap, sing, dance, and play instruments like guitar, piano, and drums!

Bonus: Watching Donghyuk playing piano is as captivating as the music he plays. 


His stage name is DK which stands for Donghyuk. But his co-members in iKON and the iKONICS have crowned him with DK as The Dance King. He is not just iKON’s main dancer but also the choreographer in some of the group’s dance songs and live performances. His sharp yet elegant style are uniquely DK. He makes dancing looks so easy because of his effortless and smooth moves. But he powerfully snaps with each move. 

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He is not just a Dance King. He is a SEXY Dance King. 

He shookt the iKONIC world when he posted this dance cover on his Instagram. 


Donghyuk’s falsettos are made in heaven. His angelic voice is a lullaby that can calm the souls of the listeners. He will make anyone swoon over him in just a few notes. If there’s only one word to describe his voice, that word would be ‘eargasm’. 


He has an unbelievably clear and stable voice. His voice is too perfect to be real, but it’s real!

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In school, Donghyuk was an ace! He was the class and student president. He received countless recognition in academics, arts, and literature, that he himself cannot recall anymore as he does not boast them at all.  

[Time frame 1:36 to 3:47]

Kim Donghyuk also has an English name: Ezra Kim. He was a foreign exchange student in the US. He is still in touch with the American homestay family who took good care of him while he was studying there. 

Bonus: His English accent is a big turn on. 

Here’s Ezra with his intro narration in iKON’s song I’M OK that will give us all the feels.


He can rock any look, fashion styles, hairstyles. Cameras do not give justice to his majestic visuals. No need for further explanations, just look at these pictures. 

View this post on Instagram


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Of course, these pictures are not enough to show Donghyuk’s beauty. Don’t worry, you can always check online and follow his Instagram account for more gorgeous photos and videos.

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Bonus: Donghyuk in man bun and headband is hot!


We already know that he has the voice, the moves, the brain, and the looks. But he also has the potential to be an award-winning actor. He can take a protagonist or an antagonist role. Watch this iKON TV episode where he had a “fight” with Chanwoo. Imagine what more he can do in a Kdrama or a Kmovie!

[Time frame 4:25 to 7:17]


If the first six reasons to love Donghyuk are not enough then this last should make you fall in love with him, or else you’re numb. He is a sweet and affectionate man and he always shows that to the people around him through his hugs and smiles. He is called sunshine for his smiles can brighten up anyone’s day. His humility and kindness make him more admirable. He is a dependable guy and a gentleman who he will stay by your side, no matter what. 

Here’s a hidden camera for Donghyuk comforting a staff being scolded by her superiors.

[Time frame 7:13 to 11:54]

He is called as the President of iKONICS for spoiling the fans with so much love!

And when it comes to his family, his heart is just overflowing with love. 

[Time frame 5:20 to 8:55] 

These are the 7 reasons to love Donghyuk. But certainly, there are more and more reasons. Donghyuk’s talent and personality are too precious to be unnoticed. He is an artist to be idolized. He is a person to be appreciated. He is an ideal man that any woman can dream of. He is beautiful inside and out. He spreads so much love in this world. It’s time for the world to love him back more than ever. 

SPECIAL THANKS to DKing Worldwide

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