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JOIN: Filipino iKONICs set the 20th as appreciation Sunday for dancing machine Donghyuk

Photo from @iKONsundayprod and @D_dong_ii

To stan a celebrity, idol, group, and/ or artist is to purely love, support, trust, and believe.

There is no guarantee that they will know it but it is already part of the game to show appreciation to them by posting, flexing, holding events, and doing means to reach their hearts.

As for the iKONICs, they always make extra efforts and go beyond the expected to show and tell the world about the greatness of iKON.

Last week, December 13, a Philippine based group of iKONICs held a Sunday appreciation for Song Yunhyeong.

On the same day, the hard-working, welcoming, and kind iKONICs received two updates from the ever sweet, multi-talented, and passionate Yunhyeong on Twitter.

This time, the iKON Sunday Production set December 20th as Sunday appreciation for the dancing machine Kim Donghyuk.

The event aims to hype and show deep appreciation to iKON’s DK, so the members of the Filipino iKONICs group are in hope that many fans will participate on it.

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To get to know DK, a variety of activities will be taking place tomorrow, where additional happenings are expected to give fun and light to the fans.

To know more about the event, see the tweet below.

In every tweet of yours on Sunday, do not forget to include the following:

OMG IT IS DONGHYUK #DancingMachineDONGHYUK #댄스DK #김동혁 @D_dong_ii #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC

Stay tuned for more details and upcoming project!

Do not forget to follow Donghyuk on his Twitter and Instagram.

See his latest update below.

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