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WATCH: Kim Heechul and his Mom joins the cast of SBS’s variety “My Ugly Duckling”

Excitement pour out as the teaser for the August 25 episode of SBS’s variety show “My Ugly Duckling” was released.

Joining the cast starting next episode is Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and his Mom. This is his mom’s first variety appearance since his debut in 2005.

The episode will show how Heechul’s mom will react on his daily life living on his own. It will also be her first time seeing her son’s new apartment and it will surely be entertaining to watch her be shocked on every recorded scenes of her son.

Also shown in the teaser is the funny dialogue between mother and son as Heechul asks her to brag about him. She answered by saying that he is “popular and pretty”. Heechul told her to not mention his looks and brag about his personality instead. She then asked, “Personality? Is there anything to brag about?” (Well, I guess we know where his son’s savageness came from.)

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Watch the full teaser below:

The episode will be shown on August 25, 9PM at SBS.

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