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KPub BBQ Festa: Celebrating Six Years of Jjang Korean Experience

K-Pub, the samgyupsal pioneer in the Philippines celebrated its 6th anniversary with a new branch in Tiendesitas!
Officially opening today, we are lucky enough to get first dibs on its state of the art interior and impressive menu that is set to treat you for a full korean gastronomic adventure.

Craving for samgyupsal fix? K-pub’s set of meat choices includes prime grade beef, pork and chicken cuts, both available fresh or marinated. Each piece is guaranteed to be tender and flavorful with every bite! Extra yummy when you dump it in their rich cheese fondue too! *drools*

Aside from the premium meat and spot-on banchan (side dishes), the Tiendesitas branch also offer a buffet island that features the essentials; such as toppoki, steamed egg, fried spring rolls, japchae, and their home crafted recipe, the “chicken oppa”.

Chimaek? or just plain Baekchu? This K-pub branch will never ran out of beer to satisfy your alcohol cravings! Watch out for their unli-beer promo too.

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K-pub may be the only Korean restaurant that features our favorite Korean idols through wall displays and LED screen — and the newest Tiendesitas branch exceeds beyond the norm. Boasting huge displays of Korean idols and a magnanimous screen playing their music videos! There’s no better way to enjoy Korea than munching samgyupsal while grooving to K-pop, right?

Committing to its brand identity, K-pub sucessfully infuses two of the main Korean influence in the Philippines — K-pop and K-food.

Every K-pub branch is heaven for Kpop and K-food alike, but you might wanna try its newest Tiendesitas branch for a full blast treat that instantly makes you feel transported to South Korea!

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