LOOK: KPub BBQ is set to open their Tiendesitas Branch!

If you’re familiar with the K-Pop themed restaurant, K-Pub BBQ, this is an exciting news because…they are just about to open their sixth store to celebrate their six years in the metro!

K-Pub BBQ will open their Tiendesitas branch to the public this July 21! It is their largest branch to date. The lovely restaurant can accommodate 500 people while providing them their best K-BBQ experience!

Luckily, Annyeong Oppa was invited to the launch of the event! Here are some of the event highlights that we’ve got for you, mga bes!

The Venue

Upon arriving, the high ceilings will definitely give you the K-BBQ feel! The table setting was actually cute too! Aside from the tables, the place has a large screen and stage at the center that’ll make you feel like you are listening to your idol’s concert live!

KPub’s Founder ft. the large LCD Screen!

The Food

Honestly, I’m no fan of spicy food, but if it is Korean food, I am willing to sacrifice my taste buds for it! And yes, mga bes, the food is superb! You can actually choose different meat from pork, beef, and chicken! They offer plain meat and marinated ones. (Sorry di na namin napicturan lahat, diretso kain kami hehe sarap eh!)

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What makes K-Pub BBQ differ from other Korean restaurants?
The answer is their wide variety of other Korean dishes that are served buffet style!

Jjim Dak (Korean Fried Adobo) and Japchae (Korean Glass Noodles)
From L-R: Fried Fish Fillet, Ttoppoko (Rice cake), Spring Rolls

Did you saw that lumpiang shanghai mga bes? Yes you can also grab them as part of the meat-all-you-can promo! Another is that, KPub also offers a meat-all-you-can with an unlimited beer from Tsingtao! They even have a wall full of Tsingtao beer! For yummy desserts, Binggrae’s Melona are just around the corner as well!

The Experience

Aside from the tasty food, We’ve got to meet new people and fellow K-Pop fan as well. We’ve bonded and talked about our idols and shared about our lives as a KPOP fan, and we even shared our grilling station as well as food with them!

From clockwise: CN Blue PH’s Admin Jae, Annyeong Oppa Hazel Unnie (me), Annyeong Oppa Ro-Anna Unnie, and BLACKPINK PH’s Admin Lisa

Some celebrities were also spotted in the event such as actor-host, Victor Basa, and even Paolo Valenciano with his wife were enjoying themselves a good K-Pub meat!

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To sum it up, K-Pub BBQ is a perfect place for anyone who’s looking for a jjang dining experience and who’s craving for a taste of Korea’s popular menu. Not only it is affordable and worth it, but the concept is a good appreciation not only with the Korean music artists, but to the Filipino K-Pop Fans as well!

If you would like to reserve a seat on their opening day, visit their fan page here.

Once again, Annyeong Oppa would like to thank the staff and admin of K-Pub BBQ Tiendesitas Branch for the invitation! It was a fun night and our tummies are full!

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