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7 Times Lee Sung Kyung Meme-d Our Feels

From strutting the catwalk, striking high notes, to powerful dance cover of ddu-du-ddu-du; there is no mediocre in between for actress Lee Sung Kyung.

Aside from her features and talent that draws many brands wanting her grace, Lee Sung Kyung is also known to have an animated face; and she’s so good at it we just can’t help but compile her most relatable expressions ever!
Here are the seven times LSK perfectly translated our feels to a meme.

1. When you’re tired as hell

After a day of stress and hardwork, there are times we just wanna slump ourselves to bed – and yes, even with full make up on.

2. When a relative comments on your dramatic Facebook post

We all have that one relative who seems to be lost in socials. Just when you thought you have perfectly crafted the most edgy Facebook post, here comes your aunt under the comment section with the infamous, “How’s your mom?” “I haven’t seen you in a long time… blah blah blah” and sure, you have to comment back. This LSK meme explains it all.

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3. The “go on sis” meme

When a person says too much and you can’t find the energy to reply, or simply you’re not just interested for drama at anytime of the day.

4. The Games of Throne-ish

After a long drive or a milk tea adventure that made your stomach feel something strange; there’s no better feeling than finding the “throne”. The comfort of letting it all out, y’all feel me?

5. When Boss just can’t work alone

This might be the meme representation for all our working fangirls! Scenario: boss went on an official business trip. You expect a smooth day in front of your computer sipping tea; until your phone rings, asking you for a report, a printed document, a budget request, a rescheduled meeting, AND IT NEVER ENDS.

6. When your Grab driver cancels the trip

Have you experienced monitoring his way, but then the car just won’t move or continuously circles going nowhere? Trust me sis, sir Grab driver is not in the mood of driving for you today; and it feels exactly like this LSK meme.


7. This meme deserves an Oscar

The most relatable meme of all time. Enough said.

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