Memorable and Heartwarming Press Conference of Dylan Wang in Manila

Dylan Wang, the 2018 Meteor Garden’s Dao Ming Si, had a memorable press conference in Manila! It happened on July 20 at BENCH Café before his “fun meet” at Araneta Coliseum on the same day.

Correspondingly, we are so excited to share to all of you the happenings on that day.


Before Dylan Wang enters the platform, the host for that day has introduced him first. Then, there has also been a preview of Dylan’s BENCH photoshoot.

Few minutes after, Dylan Wang had officially got into the stage.

Moreover, it cannot be denied that it was so nice seeing Dylan. He had perfectly fluttered the hearts of many by just showing his smiles.

Interview (Part 1)

Dylan Wang mentioned on his press conference that the Filipino people welcome him very warm. He like the Filipino people and he’s really excited to meet us. Additionally, he also said that he’s happy to be chosen as the ambassador of BENCH.

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Here are the other highlight questions asked to Seo Kang Joon and his answers!

When he was asked, “What’s the best style tip you’ve ever learned; and as a BENCH endorser, aee there any style tips that you can share for your fans?” He quickly answered to wear whatever you want and what makes you happy. For him, he always wear something he’s comfortable in.

Next, “How are you similar to your character in Meteor Garden Dao Ming Si?” He playfully said that he and Dao Ming Si are similar in the sense of a bit immature and a bit playful.

Then, “If you’re not an actor, what would you be doing now and what would a path you’ll take?” He mentioned that he prefers to be a flight attendant if he was not an actor.

Interview (Part 2)

Subsequently, “What do you enjoy the most; singing, acting, or modeling?” He stated that he likes acting most because he gets to portray different role. Adding that he’s really passionate in acting and he wants to improve his art in acting.

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Lastly, Dylan was asked if there’s any other talents or interests which he wants to develop. He charmingly shared that he likes to play basketball, playing games, and traveling with his friends.

Overall, Dylan Wang has answered all the questions for him with enthusiasm. He looked so great by just sharing with us his thoughts and other sides. Which helped a lot as we’ve totally learned more about him! On the other hand, it was so nice knowing that Dylan felt the warm welcome of his Filipino fans.


Before leaving the stage, Dylan Wang bid his goodbye to everyone who are in the event. He smiled sweetly, waved his hands, and bowed to everybody! Isn’t he so charming and full of respect for the people around him?

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However, it does not end there! As he took the exit, few minutes later, he went on the first floor to greet his fans who are waiting outside BENCH Café. The event place was filled with the lovely screams of the fans for the actor. The effort which Dylan made for them is really so extra making us fall in love harder with him.

The Annyeong Oppa would also like to extend our gratitude to BENCH for an accommodating, great, and successful event! Of course, to DiDi; thank you for melting our hearts, being yourself, working hard, and for unending love to your fans!

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