Filipino ‘Holies’ Get Together For The Very First Fan Gathering Event of Korean Actor, Jung Hae-In

Photo Credits: Jung Hae In Philippines Facebook Page

Korean actor Jung Hae-In who previously starred in the hit korean drama, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ as the second male lead, Han Woo-Tak just celebrated his 31st (Korean Age) birthday last April 1, 2018. Fans from different countries had a different way of celebrating his birthday.

His Philippine Fan Base, Jung Hae In Philippines hosted the very first fan gathering for our dear Hae In last April 7, 2018 at Sikat Studios located at Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City. Their goal is to have a post-birthday celebration and a chance to bond and get to know with the other fans.

To give you a little info about the fandom, Jung Hae-In’s fans called ‘Holies’. The name comes from his Instagram Username (@HolyHaeIn). So the ‘Holy’ became ‘Holies’.

Photo Credits: Jung Hae In Philippines Facebook Page

I attended with my team and friends (Anj and Joey) to witness the celebration. We’re actually surprised to see that there are so many fans who attended and even participated in the games. This is actually my first time to attend a K-drama actor fan gathering. I am usually attending a gathering related to my K-Pop bias groups like B1A4 and BTOB. Jung Hae-In is my K-drama ‘Oppa’ so I decided to go and meet my co-holies.

I must say that the admins really did a great job on handling their very first event.

I really felt the love of the Filipino Holies for him. I even saw a fan on a wheelchair yesterday. Too bad, I didn’t got the chance to meet and greet her since the ambience is full of excitement. Everyone is so hyped that day. So, going back to that fan, I was actually amazed that despite of her situation, she managed to attend a gave her full support to our Hae In. She’s the best example of a fan who believes that nothing can stop her from supporting and loving her idol—not even her disability. I just wanted to say that I’m proud to be your co-fan.

On behalf of The Annyeong Oppa, I would like to congratulate the admins of Jung Hae In Philippines for a job well done. You’re efforts are much appreciated. And as fan of Jung Hae In, I will say that I am proud to be one of the attendees of this successful event. Thank you for giving us a memorable and a fun event even though we experience a little technical issues at the venue, still we managed to continue the fun and make the most out of it. We’re looking forward to your next event.

To all the filipino fans of Jung Hae In, you can follow Jung Hae In Philippines for more updates.

You can watch our video greetings here.

Written by: Jess



Jung Hae In is finally coming to Manila!


One of South Korea’s brightest stars, Jung Hae In, is set to shine on and make our hearts melt for the first time in Jung Hae In ‘SMILE’ Fan Meeting in Manila!

Date/Time: June 30, 2018, 6 PM
Venue: KIA Theatre in Quezon City

Ticket Prices:

  • MVP – P7, 800.00 (group photo + high touch + event poster)
  • VIP – P5, 800.00 (high touch + event poster + a chance to take home an artist Polaroid)
  • GA – P3, 500.00 (high touch + event poster)

Tickets will go on sale on May 26, 2018 in all TicketNet outlets nationwide and online via Ticket charges apply.

Brought to you by FNC Entertainment and CDM Entertainment.


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  1. Si Hae In lang ang absent! Congrats “Holies” for this first grand celebration. He is surely happy for your love!


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