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CONFIRMED: Philippine language ‘Tausug’ used as a dialect by the tribes on Arthdal Chronicles

Tausug language going international! It is confirmed that an official Philippine regional language, Tausug was actually used as a dialect by the Wahan Tribe on Arthdal Chronicles.

Right after the Episode 9 of Arthdal Chronicles was released, there are various speculations online about that episode. As Filipino fans have noticed that there are familiar words spoken by the tribes in the said drama. They claimed that it sounded like an indigenous language from the Philippines.

Moreover, some fans said, “It sounded like Bisaya!” because of the words like ‘kumaon’; while, others suggested other languages such as “Bikol” from the Bicol regions.

To cut all the buzz, one person who is actually on the show has spoken and confirmed that there really is a Philippine regional language used.

He is Nash Ang, a film director and an actor based on South Korea.

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Nash Ang’s Post on Facebook

Subsequently, Ang knew about this because he is part of Arthdal Chronicles as an actor.

Moreover, Tausug is a regional language widely spoken at the Sulu Archipelago, Zamboanga Peninsula, and Southern Palawan in Philippines; and in other countries too like Malaysia and Indonesia.

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This is some #FilipinoPride over here! We are so happy because Philippine languages are being recognized internationally.

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